About us & our mission here at Bindr

We're looking to bring the bisexual dating space to the mainstream market with a safe & easy to use app.

How We Plan to Change the World

First, we're creating community.

Pride Flag at State College 2023 Pride Parade
We're not just another dating app (we know, that's been said before.) We're a community of people that want to feel represented. With tens of thousands of people finding us on their own, we've made quite the impact at building and growing this community since we started in August 2022.
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Building an application was the start, we found those who felt like we felt that wanted something better. To be honest, we came from rural Pennsylvania and with that we faced a lack of resources and representation. So we thought to ourselves how can we help these people that are also suffering like we did?

Then came the idea of providing Bisexual and LGBTQIA+ resources that targets our communities location. So we decided to build just that and now we're building a database of resources for people to easily find the support or help they need whether they're a member of our platform, in the dating community or not. These resources should be available to everyone.
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Building the community was the start, now we're helping.

Bindr at Philadelphia 2023 PRIDE Parade

We've still got a long way to go.

Trans Rights at Pride Parade
We're humbled, proud and appreciative of what we've gotten to do so far but we now know just how much farther we need to go. People should have a safe place to meet other people, you shouldn't ever feel you need to label yourself to anything you wouldn't want too. We know this is the future of dating and most people do too. It's time to bring ethics and safety into dating and that's what we're here to do.
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Our Superheroes

We're a small team of individuals looking to change the world.

Mary Richardson | Bindr

Mary Richardson

CEO & Cofounder | She/They

Skills in building technical products and companies & human rights activist looking to fight for all LGBTQ+ rights.

Brandon Teller | Bindr

Brandon Teller

CTO & Cofounder | He/Him

Full stack developer with experience in developing over 100 mobile applications and products.

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Are you someone passionate about building technology? Breaking social barriers for the bisexual community and people that are LGBTQIA+? Then we'd love to have you join our team! Use the button below to get in contact with our team about potential job offerings.

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